createSequence fails validation even with preConditions

I’m trying to have a changeset run on multiple db engines (mysql, oracle and SQL Server) and for Oracle I have a createSequence tag with a preCondition on the dbms type. But even with it it still gives me a validation error (when running on mysql).

The changeset in question is:

Even with other OnFail/onError values it still give the same validation error.

I’m running 2.0-RC2 (from the LQB-DEF-109 build).

It should work correctly with onFail=“MARK_RAN”.  onFail=“WARN” will warn you that the precondition failed, but still run the changeSet. 


Unfortunately it keeps giving validation errors even with the onFail=“MARK_RAN”  :frowning:

Any thing else I can try?

I see what you mean now.  It’s not that the createSequence call fails, its the pre-run validation that fails.    I think what you are going to have to do is convert your createSquence calls to tags for now.  We can add some better logic into the validator (AbstractChange.validate(Datbase), line 66) to check for dbms tags and if we know we aren’t going to run, not validate the change, but that will need to be a 2.1 change (goal is end of november-mid-december for 2.1).

I created an issue: 

If you wanted to patch the code yourself as a workaround, you could do that.  If you are able to fix the problem feel free to commit the change and I can evaluate it.


Could this issue please be fixed?

We have quite a large changelog that works well with 1.9 and we would like to migrate to 2.0, but this is a show stopper for us.

Kind regards,