createSequence support with Derby

Hello all,

I am trying to use Liquibase to build an embedded Derby database which includes some sequences. With the most recent stable release, it appears that the createSequence tag is not supported for Derby. However, Derby (at least in its latest version) supports the standard CREATE SEQUENCE command, so as far as I can tell there should be no problem supporting it. Can anyone tell my why this is the case and what one can do to work around this problem? I require this functionality urgently. If necessary, I can make the required change in the Liquibase source-code, if someone points me to the right place. Thank you.

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3.0.x should work with derby version that support sequences. It checks the database version for 10.6 or higher. I see the site documentation needs to be updated, though.

What should be happening is that the CreateSequenceGenerator class should check the DerbyDatabase.supportsSequences() method to determine if the CREATE SEQUENCE command can be ran.