CUBRID Database Support in Liquibase

Hello guys,

I wonder if Liquibase works fine with CUBRID Database ( I found that not just me but other people on Twitter too ( are interested in using Liquibase with CUBRID.

Please let me know if Liquibase works fine with CUBRID. They’ve submitted their JDBC driver to Clojars (

If it does not work out of the box, is there any plan to provide CUBRID support?

Thanks in advance.

Liquibase does not support cubrid natively, although with the new liquibase 2.0 it is designed to allow easy support for additional databases.  For example, there was just teradata support added by a 3rd party that would make a good sample of what it would take to support cubrid.  Their source is at


You mentioned Terradata. Why it is not among the supported Databases? Have you developed the terradata extension (and others too) or the real DB maintainers?

It’s not on the supported database page because it does not come built in.  I added a link to the extension page from the supported databases page.

I did not nothing with the terradata plugin, I’m not sure if it was created by the DB maintainers or just someone who wanted terradata support.