Liquibase Support for GCP Cloudsql

Hi Team ,

we are planning to use Liquibase in our production environment . And we have mostly cloudsql Mysql/Postgresql . So we are more worried about the support like will Liquibase support this end-end as it is not mentioned in the documentation clearly.
Kindly help confirming same.

Any updates on this ?

Hi Team ,

Kindly update . It’s really very urgent .

Any thoughts on this @NathanVoxland?

@NathanVoxland Could you please help here ? It’s really bit critical for us.

Thanks in Advance.

@NathanVoxland Could you please update on this ? We are blocked on this .
Kindly help.

@daryldoak could you please help here ?

@aditi @MikeOlivas @NathanVoxland
Could anyone of you please confirm this?


Hi @sid ,
For all intents and purposes, using a JDBC based driver and Liquibase should work with cloudsql out of the box. As far as additional databases, it’s on the roadmap. At this point it would be community support. You could build an extension to help support your team. MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported though.


Following up on Mike’s comment, as long as the CloudSQL versions of the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are compatible with the open source versions and connections are made with JDBC, then Liquibase should work well.

Have you run into any specific problems you need help with?

Also, are you looking for commercial support on these versions now that you’re planning to use Liquibase in production?