Adding Liquibase support from database IDE

Hello all,

I am not sure whether it is the right place or not. Here it is : we have built a powerful database environment (currently supporting Oracle, MySq and PostgreSql) which, among other things, allows developer to put their whole database under version control and to generate deployment scripts from version delta. Our product is free and under LPGL v3.

At the moment, our product generates pure SQL in what we called a “delivery”. We also propose an installer which is a little Java program which can understand some meta-information of a delivery and deploys it to a target database, performs structural checks before and after installation, registers installed components etc.

Since we are using a flexible architecture, I think this would be very easy to add a generator which would produce Liquibase XML script so that the deployment could be handled by Liquibase. I am not sure yet, but I think our 2 products could play nicely together.

So first, I invite you to have a look at our product ( and at our wiki (
Secondly a few questions :

  • what do you think of this kind of integration ?
  • Have you got any kind of IDE which produces liquibase scripts already ? I think I saw a beta a few months ago but I cannot retrieve it now.
  • what are your statements of directions ?

Do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Hope we can collaborate in a near future.

Kind regards,