Creation of DATABASECHANGELOG support tables via script?

I’m using latest liquibase maven plugin.

When I run mvn liquibase:updateSQL on a fresh database the DATABASECHANGELOG support tables are created automatically.

I would rather want this tables to be added to the output migration script.

This because of SOX compliancy, and my user connectiong to the database will not have any create rights.

The outputted migration scripts will be used by DBA which has privileges to create tables.

Update: note that the scrips will include the create statements, but they are also created in database causing an error running the script.

When I try this using the liquibase command line then I see btw different behaviour.

when executing liquibase updateSQL then the supporting tables are not automatically created, but are (as I would expect) included in the migration script.

Is there a reason the maven plugin is behaving differently?

Looks like a bug in the maven plugin. It should execute the same way that the command line does.


ok created