[FEEDBACK] Use liquibase to manage script and update in the DB


For a research subject, I need to know if some people/companies use Liquibase to manage “other things” than database.

For example, to migrate some data from an existing database. We are several developers, each one with one database for test on our local machine. From time to time, we need to update all the data from our database, or add some existing from the production server to run some test.

Right now, we extract them in a JAR, and we run those JAR manually. We would like to automatize this action, by writing in our xml some command. For example :


The question we ask ourself is if some people already did it, and if it’s viable or not ?!

Moreover, I could need some help about the absolute path here. As I told before, it’s on our local machine …So it’s not really helpful like this. I would like to know if it was possible to use it as for the , which is a relative path.

Actually, if I try to do the same way, it fails at deploy (when I run pwd in this executeCommand, I see that I’m in the config folder of my glassfish domain!)

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Best Regards,