Do I really Need Liquibase?

Thanks for accepting my group application.

We currently maintain a data entry website that is pretty stagnant. We only do builds about twice per month to the website. There is a database in the backend of the website. When we have new db scripts, we run them, and then just save the fike off to an install folder. It’s pretty simple and works for everyone. The new DB scripts do eventually make it to our git repository.

My question is: For something so simple, is is worth our time getting set up with something like liquibase and having it manage the installs to our DB for us.
Is there worth the time and effort? Or just leave it simple?

I believe Liquibase is especially useful in situations where you make updates infrequently. It’s often better to automate and simplify the process as much as possible to reduce the chance of mistakes in the manual process.

Previously, I would only automate our most active projects. I soon got frustrated that deployment of simple changes to projects I didn’t work on frequently was slower and error-prone because I had to remember to do the right steps in the correct order. I’d always forget to do something, and it would cause problems (usually in production).

So, I just started automating everything the same way. Everything worked the same, and moving from project to project was easier and consistent.

Just my 2 cents – let me know what you think.