Hi there.
I am just wondering whether there is a windows gui frontend for liquibase? Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately no.  I did a proof-of-concept at one point, but have not been able to keep the code maintained.  Hopefully someday


Thanks for a reply.
Do you know where I can find a test project for liquibase, so i can play around. I mean setting up my own project seems to be quite cumbersome (this one is a huge: We are currently in search of the platform for control versioning.
Thanks a lot.

By the way,
I found liquibase IDE. Looks like frontend to me. Does it have a rollback function?

The Liquibase IDE was the proof-of-concept frontend that was not kept up to date.  I don’t think it had rollback functionality.


Can you tell me what was the main problems creating IDE?

Do you think that it make any sense to create plugin for subversion, or different VCL?

Also, do you think that it is feasible to exntend this 0.6 IDE, or better to write something from scratch?

Thanks a lot.

The main problem is me not having the time to write one, and nobody else taking the idea and going with it.  There has been some discussion on the topic (see but it hasn’t gotten anywhere yet.


Nathan, have you considered starting a project on Github? It’s a good social environment that helps open things up a bit in terms of group development. I can get by using the command line (or a series of batch files for the various commands), but a nice java gui would be cool! Depending on how the command line integration of Liquibase goes into my project I would definitely think of contributing.

Instead a complet IDE solution I suggest you to créate a simple menú.bat to show some procedures. This menú can be put inside the main zip, can be few kbs long, and include some cangelog samples, maybe using hsqldb. I have a portion of this kind of menú in my own application