Getting started with helping out

Hey there,

I love the concept of the project and I’d like to try and contribute what I can. What can I do to get started?

I have experience with an array of languages but I’m most comfortable with java and love picking new languages/tools/techniques.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been getting behind on the forum. In related news, if you are looking to contribute, one great option would be to help answer questions on the forum :slight_smile:

Otherwise, there is a page which lists other ideas. Usually it works best to check out the code and find a bug or feature you would like and work on implementing that.

Let me know if you have any questions


Hi Nathan,

so, assuming we have fixed a bug in Liquibase, how do we check in our code into your repository?


If you have an account on, you can commit directly to the SVN repository. Otherwise, you can submit a patch on the forum here and I can apply it.