Would you be interested in offical, commercial Liquibase support and/or training

There has been some interest shown in having an official liquibase training and consulting along with commercial support options, and I am trying to gauge the community interest to determine if it is worth pursuing or if I should not bother.  

Note that if I did add an official support option, it would not impact the level of support I try to provide on this forum.  The way I am thinking I would structure it, would be to find a group of existing independent consultants who I can train and they would be ones to actually handle the support service, since I am not currently looking to leave my real job to dedicate the time required to correctly handle official support.  I would follow up with customers to ensure that the independent consultants are helpful and valuable to ensure quality and consistent service for everyone.

If you have any ideas or opinions on the type of support, training, consulting, etc. that you would find helpful, thoughts on what works or what doesn’t work with open source support plans, my potential organization structure, or anything else, please add comments here, or contact me directly at nathan [at] voxland.net.  

(I will be on vacation from Aug 21st - 29th, so be patient if you ask me a question)


Hello Nathan,

My name is Sathish, recently I joined as .net developer with pl/sql as backend. I was asked to setup liquibase at office for database refactoring. I need some one to help me in configuring liquibase and training as well. I am planning to pay as well for this support. Thank you