How to contribute

I’ve found the project very util and interesting and I’m interested in contributing to the project starting with small bugs/features fixing.
It’s possible?
Is submitting some patches the better way to start?

And about request for new features is better to discuss always in the user or developer list? Or submit to JIRA is ok?


Any help you can provide, is always greatly appreciated.  I’ve started making a section on the wiki around developing for liquibase ( but have not made a lot of progress so far.  If you think of documentation that you think will help, let me know of add to it if you can. 

Basically, I have SVN commit access open to anyone with a username/password.  I look through each commit to make sure you aren’t breaking something you didn’t know about, and will modify and/or roll them back if necessary.  Starting with bugs/feature fixing is usually the best way to get acquainted with the source.  You can see what is open on, or find things that you want done.

I think it is best to create a new jira issue for each feature or bug prior to working on it, so we can track them in releases better etc.  If you want discussion around a particular feature, I think it is best do do on the issue itself.  If you have general “should we do this” or other general developer questions, you can use the developer forum.


Ok, A lot of thanks :slight_smile: