Contributing a number of new features - best way for design review?

Thanks, Nathan.

What branch should I work with? master? 3.4.x? 4.0.x?


Our company has made a number of enhancements to Liquibase that we'd like to contribute back. However, before we do, we'd like to get general feedback on what we've done. (We've contributed a couple of small thngs - and ended up having the enhancement changed by the review / merge process after we do the pull request. I'd rather have it done 'right' the first time...)

So - is the best way to just create a JIRA issue for each enhancement, and summarize the API changes there? (I.E. how to use the feature and what it does)?



Either pull requests or jira issues work fine. I tend to like the pull requests better, even if there is a lot of back and forth because it keeps everyone looking at the same code which tends to reduce confusion and make things easier. But if you’d prefer to discuss it first, Jira works just fine too.

I always appreciate any contributions, so whatever works best for you is great.


Master would best. 3.4.x should only be bugfixes and 4.0.x is still very unstable.