Questions on licensing and community activity


The company I work for as a stringent process for inclusion of thirdparty open-source in the codebase. I plan to include liquibase so I am looking for some missing pieces of information I did not found on the website. I would greatly appreciate if someone konwledgeable could provide answers to the following questions:
 - what are contribution terms for external contributors (in terms of copyright transfer)?
 - how many contributors are there on the project?
 - are there any known OSS or proprietary software “advertising” its use of liquibase? Alternatively, what is the rough number of downloads of liquibase done in a month?

Thank you in advance, and please accept my apologies for being inquisitive.


Hi, I’ll try to answer your questions. 

I am the primary contributor and the only person that currently has push access to the main liquibase repository. There are a number of people who have contributed various patches and features over the years, but they have been more transitory and address particular issues they are seeing vs general liquibase work. 

The liquibase codebase is apache 2.0, and my general assumption has been that any code contributions to the codebase fall under the general liquibase codebase copyright. I haven’t put any legal contribution terms up, if you have suggestions on what that should look that would be great.

A couple which can provide commercial support and maintenance for liquibase.

I’m not tracking downloads as well as I’d like, but traffic to the site is about 17k unique visitors per month.


Hi Nathan,
Thanks a lot for your answers! As for the legalese about contributors terms, I will get back to you if I can get something from our legal department. In the meanwhile, I hope this will be enough to allow inclusion of your great tool in our product. I will let you know the outcome.

Thanks again for your time, and for contributing this very useful piece of software.


Hello again,

I desperately need some answers on this from developers involved in the project to get the approval from my legal department to use liquibase. Or alternatively pointers to materials on the website discussing these issues.

Thanks again for your help,