Licensing questions for Liquibase Open Source


I’m reviewing licensing for various versions of the liquibase-core JAR files, in connection with another open source project that is hoping to make use of them. I have a couple of questions, hoping the Liquibase team can help clarify which licenses apply.

Looking for instance at liquibase-core:4.3.2 (Maven Central Repository Search), I see that it is labeled in the POM file as being Apache-2.0.

However, inside the liquibase-core-4.3.2-sources.jar file, in the /var/jenkins/…/licenses/ subfolder, I see that there is a Liquibase Pro EULA. It looks like the liquibase-core JAR file includes code that is not under Apache-2.0, but rather under the pro EULA.

Does that mean that Liquibase is okay with our project redistributing the liquibase-core 4.3.2 JAR under Apache-2.0? Or, would we not be able to redistribute it at all because of the Pro files being present?

Many thanks for any guidance you can provide here.

Hi @swinslow ,

This question may be better answered by our developers.
@NathanVoxland Do you mind taking a look at it?

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Thank you @aditi!

Hi @NathanVoxland, I’d be grateful for any details you can provide here. In particular, if there is a alternative version of liquibase-core that contains only the Apache-2.0 licensed code, that would be perfect for the project’s situation. As an open source project ourselves, we aim to help ensure that the dependencies for the project are themselves under open source licenses.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Yes, liquibase-core contains proprietary code in Maven Central. That’s why there are two licenses: Apache 2.0 and the EULA. If you would prefer not to use that, you can build from the liquibase code found on GitHub.

If you would like to chat about it, find me on our Discord: Liquibase. Username is r2liquibase. Thanks!

Thank you! This is very helpful. I’ll sync with our project community, and will reach out on Discord if we have followup questions. Thanks and I appreciate the response.


I was wondering if I could follow up on this thread for version 4.9.1 of Liquibase. I am working in a project related to the project mentioned by Steve and have followed the same steps in order to check the licensing for version 4.9.1. I am only able to find Apache-2.0 Licenses in the 4.9.1 version of Liquibase and the pro EULA license has been removed. Does this mean that the aforementioned proprietary code has been removed/replaced and is valid under the Apache-2.0 License? Any info is much appreciated.


Good news everyone… ver4.14 now has liquibase-core.jar as open source only