Liquibase Java API vs CLI vs MVN

We understand that now pro vs opensource are delivered as 2 different packages. Also we have found three ways to integrate liquibase -

  1. CLI
  2. MVN
  3. Java API

We are inclined to use Java API for our specific use case. But we would like to know, any of the above we select, all three are having same features and if any chance of differences in features later. Please can we get some pointers around this query. Thanks in advance.

There are no plans to make open source features available in one method and not the other. There should be parity. Occasionally, when a command parameter is added, one method might be missed, but it’s not a big lift for that to be resolved. There are obviously feature differences between Pro and Open Source.

I am curious, what is your specific use case and why are you leaning towards the Java API?