Unable to add Pro License Key in Java Application


We are using liquibase of version 4.21.1. We are unable to pass the liquibase trial license in the Java application. We are able to pass the license to the liquibase cli using the environment variable LIQUIBASE_LICENSE_KEY. We have tried to pass the same env variable as well as the LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY variable as mentioned in this issue(Liquibase Pro License Key in Java Application). Using both variables we are getting the below warning in the startup.


Liquibase detected the following invalid LIQUIBASE_* environment variables:


Find the list of valid environment variables at https://docs.liquibase.com/environment-variables

We also have tried the solution provided in this URL - How to Apply Your Liquibase Pro License Key

We also have tried passing through parameters

Scope.child(config, () -> {
            liquibase.Liquibase liquibase = new liquibase.Liquibase(changelogFile, new ClassLoaderResourceAccessor(), database);

            liquibase.setChangeLogParameter("liquibaseLicenseKey", "xxxxxxxx");

Tried with all these keys in the above parameters liquibaseLicenseKey, liquibaseProLicenseKey, licenseKey, proLicenseKey.

Nothing seems to be working. Please let us know if we have to use a different library or if we have missed anything.



Any Help is highly appreciated!

Thank you,

Were you able to get this working, or is this still an issue?