How to use "PRO License" in maven - springboot app

I need some assistance in getting liquibase pro version of liquibase to run in my pod in Kubernetes.
I have tried quite a bit of tips , but nothing is giving me any confidence of getting the pro version to run.

Currently, updates are getting applied , as I can see from the DATABASECHANGELOG table and can schema changes in my database, but its not creating triggers. I understand that this is a pro feature, so I made available to my spring boot pod, the LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY, but I still see no trigger. I would expect to see something like

"Liquibase Pro 4.26.0 by Liquibase licensed ..." 

if its using the pro license, but if its not, I would expect to see a message like : “this is a PRO feature…”

However, I see no indication of “pro”:

Starting Liquibase at 15:52:22 (version 4.27.0 #1525 built at 2024-03-25 17:08+0000)
[INFO] Successfully installed license from Base64 string starting with 'ABwwGgQUAi' (Environment variable 'LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY').

We are using the following for the startup of the pod:

command: DEBUG=1 java -jar /app/MYAPP-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

initCommand: mvn liquibase:update

Is there a flag I can pass to the initCommand that tells liquibase to use the PRO version?


That message is only displayed if you are running Liquibase via the CLI. The fact that you see the Successfully installed license message means that you are running the Pro code. If you run generateChangelog do you see stored procedures or triggers in the output changelog?

Thanks for the reply.
I have finally gotten a container running that I can connect to, and run:

mvn liquibase:generateChangeLog -X

It created the /app/src/main/resources/db/objects/storedprocedure .
But looking at the documentation (Change Types) , I see that “Procedure” entities do not require “Pro”.

I’m going to try some more things.


Yes, that is correct. Procedures are a part of standard Liquibase. Triggers are not.