Liquibase Pro License Key in Java Application

I am using the org.liquibase java library to update my database. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to include the Liquibase Pro license key. Note, that we are not using maven to run the application and therefore cannot use mvn liquibase:update. Instead, we run the following code in an AWS Lambda function:

Liquibase liquibase = new liquibase.Liquibase("./changelog.xml", new ClassLoaderResourceAccessor(), database);
liquibase.update(new Contexts());

It seems, that the library does not include my file and I don’t see an option to include the key in any other way.
Any Help is highly appreciated!

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Welcome to the Liquibase Community @daku - and thanks for posting this issue. I am researching to try to find an answer for you. When we have something to share, I or one of my teammates will reply again to follow up.


You can always consider applying the Pro key via Environment Variables.
Linux - You can run the export command like the following:

export LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY="yj4v59bfdgj389btc4wg"

Windows - You can run the set command like the following:

set LIQUIBASE_PRO_LICENSE_KEY=yj4v59bfdgj389btc4wg
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