CustomTaskChange not being run by command line

I am working on my initial deployment of a liquibase changesets.  I have the spring integration working, running all my changesets.  However, if I take the same liquibase xml config files and point the java -jar liquibase.jar with a classpath including my CustomTaskChange, the custom task change is completely ignored, even with logging tuned to finest, I see no mention of it being skipped. 

I am definitely including it in the classpath, and using the exact same xml files in both scenarios.  Is there a way to get liquibase to at least throw an error in this scenario?


sorry bad classpath.  I was using a jar I built with maven in the ~/target directory… it turns out it had been a while (exactly one new changeset creation) since I last built that jar.

Thanks for the update.  Glad you found the problem.