Node Liquibase - unable to load customTask

I’m using node-liquibase to connect to mysql. The general migration commands are working fine but I also need to implement a customTask so am trying to get a simple example working. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and liquibase 4.4.0

I’ve done the following:

  1. Copied one of the java custom task examples, compiled it to .java, then .jar using javac with liquibase.jar as a dependency using:

javac -cp liquibase.jar && jar cvf ExampleCustomTaskChange.jar

  1. Place ExampleCustomTaskChange.jar file in the root of the project.
  2. Updated the class paths value in the node code that generates the command for liquibase to run.
  3. Referenced the class name in the xml changeset and use what I believe is the correct xml structure.

This produces the following command:

[NODE-LIQUIBASE] Running /development/liquibase-poc/node_modules/liquibase/dist/liquibase/liquibase --changeLogFile="./migrations/changelog.xml" --url=“jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/test?allowMultiQueries=TRUE” --username=“root” --password=“root” --classpath="./ExampleCustomTaskChange.jar:./node_modules/liquibase/dist/drivers/mariadb-java-client-2.5.3.jar" --logLevel=“info” update …

My example java class begins with:

package com.example;
import liquibase.change.custom.*;
import liquibase.Scope;
import liquibase.database.Database;
import liquibase.exception.CustomChangeException;
import liquibase.exception.RollbackImpossibleException;
import liquibase.exception.SetupException;
import liquibase.exception.ValidationErrors;
import liquibase.resource.ResourceAccessor;

public class ExampleCustomTaskChange implements CustomTaskChange, CustomTaskRollback

The custom changeset xml is here in this gist:

However, I keep getting this error when trying to execute the custom changeset:
[2022-02-03 14:55:20]

SEVERE [liquibase.integration] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.example.ExampleCustomTaskChange
liquibase.exception.CommandExecutionException: liquibase.exception.LiquibaseException: Unexpected error running Liquibase: liquibase.parser.core.ParsedNodeException: liquibase.exception.CustomChangeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.example.ExampleCustomTaskChange
at liquibase.command.CommandScope.execute(
at picocli.CommandLine.executeUserObject(
at picocli.CommandLine.access$1300(
at picocli.CommandLine$RunLast.executeUserObjectOfLastSubcommandWithSameParent(

Can anyone spot the problem?

Searching this discord link: Discord This maybe what is missing:

Like if your class is public class MyChange in package com.example , then the liquibase.change.Change file would contain just the text com.example.MyChange

Now I need to work out how to include the change file in the jar file. As you can see I used javac previously.