CustomtaskChange passing a parameter

Hi Daniel

Thanks for that,  I had created the method but It was passing the parameters to the methods, is having the difficulty with.


I am using a customtaskchange and would like to be able to a pass a parameter to the class, is this possible. I want to be bale to have single task that can take a different value for processing, so a parameter would prevent me from having to right the same task for each parameter.


Hi aorb38,

it is as simly as adding a property to your implementation class (wich implements CustomSqlChange or CustomTask).

Hi John,

I’m not sure if I get it right. Do you mean that the parameters are not set into your CustomChange class?

Do you have any more information? Is there a error if you enable logging?

Can you System.out.println the value of your property in the execute method?

kind regards


Hi Daniel

All working .