Data warehouse & Liquibase

There are more than 20 databases (Oracle) and these are residing on different regions (on Premises ),

Many developers are working concurrently on these databases.

How Liquibase would handle in such case ?

I have implemented Liquibase pro for one database and it’s working as desired.

There are a lot to deploy e.g sp , plsql, many more objects.

looking forward for a suggestion by experts


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Are you work with a pro-trial or subscription?

Definitely check out the Managing Changelog Liquibase University course – it has a lot of great information about working with multiple teams.


I +1 what @ktaggart says - the Liquibase University courses are free and provide so much valuable information! You can also join our Community discord and ask questions for other community members to answer. Liquibase Discord Server

*edited to provide correct, updated info

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We are using pro-trail for the time being.