databasechangelog table in seperate schema (common for all changes)

You are able to set the “liquibaseSchemaName” to use to track the databasechangelog tables. If you set the same schema name for across different liquibase runs you can use share the same schema for the liquibase control tables.

How you set the liquibaseSchemaName depends on how you are running liquibase. Are you using command line? Maven? A different way?



and keep track of the changelog entries for different schema/user in one place…

in simple way… 

Is there a way to create changelog tables in one common public schema and kepp track of all changes in those tables

Thanks in advance

Hi Nathan

Thank you for the reply.

I am using Maven plugin.

I tried to use the same attribute and tried to execute ‘update’ command…and it able to create those two tables inside ‘MyLog’ schema… but ton the parallel terms of how we define SchemaName for a changeset… can we define a username,password ?

Unfortunately Liquibase just uses one connection for the changeSet execution and the changelog table creating/insertion at this point.

If you create the databasechangelog tables manually in their schema, do the MySchema1 etc. users have permissions to insert into the liquibase tables?


Sorry for late reply.

As you mentioned Liquibase uses one connection for the changeSet execution and changelog table insertion.

Hoping to solve this issue, I created a 

That should work. You could try using -Nathan

Thanks Nathan for the reply.

It worked when added one more param for catalog name… using… 

Thanks again for ur help.

Good. It should have worked for both parameters on oracle since it doesn’t have a separation between “catalog” and “schema” like some databases.