How can I override databaseChangeLogLockTableName?

Is it possible to use a common databasechangelog table for multiple schema in a db? currently it seems liquibase creates one table in each schema to track changes and that is making things difficult to track centrally.

DB is oracle, so does liquibase support a public synonym for the change log table? or it only selects from user_Tables ?

Using liquibase 2.0.5 from the command line. 

I have an alternate set of migration/database information that I’d like to track separately from my primary migrations – basically, the same schema and tables, but I’d like to use slightly different settings for each, for rollback purposes, etc. 

Specifically, I’d like to override the name of the table used by "

Is it at all possible to override this parameter when using liquibase from the command line? How?

I also failed to do that by the command line. But this is ok:

java -Dliquibase.databaseChangeLogTableName=databasechangelog <br>    -Dliquibase.databaseChangeLogLockTableName=databasechangeloglock <br>    -jar /root/liquibase3.0.0/liquibase.jar <br>    --driver=xxxx <br>    --classpath= xxxx <br>    --changeLogFile=xxx <br>    --url=“xxx” <br>    --username=admin <br>    --password=admin <br>    --logLevel=debug <br>    “–currentDateTimeFunction=now()” <br>    migrate

This absolutely worked in our case! Thanks so much! Would be awesome if the documentation pointed out this seeming inconsistency.