Databases not within the if/else conditions in JdbcDatabaseSnapshot need to query from table_constraints

There are two classes ( and with a general else condition that queries for a “constraints” table for sql generation…


                                + "from " + database.getSystemSchema() + ".constraints "

                                + “where constraint_schema=’” + jdbcSchemaName + "’ "

                                + “and constraint_catalog=’” + jdbcCatalogName + "’ "

                                + “and constraint_type=‘UNIQUE’”;

The “.constraints” should be changed to the standard “.table_constraints” because “constraints” is a reserved keyword in other databases. This issue is unfortunate because your can not override this particular method to extend the database.

I’m using the previously development Intersystems Cache extension but still fail in generateChangeLog since this query is not allowed.  

This is my first time post so I hope this is in the proper place.  Thanks!