DB state comparison is Limited in Free version?

Hi guys. Can you see it and give a help?

Whan means ‘Limited’ in DB state Comparison (url : Liquibase Editions & Pricing | Liquibase.com)
Our company is considering using Liquibase as DB managing tool.
so ‘Limited’ is needed to know.
Does it means some db objects are not detected?

it would be big help even if you write a word.

Limited refers to the fact that the Database Inspection commands (diff, snapshot, and generate-changelog) do not consider these object types:

  • checkconstraint
  • package
  • packagebody
  • procedure
  • function
  • trigger
  • synonyms

Those object types are only included in Pro and Enterprise versions.

You can see the details on the bottom of these pages:

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Your words are giving that All our company want to know and have to know.
Thanks a lot for answering question like a thunder.
have a good day

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