dbdoc: adding asciidoc markup generation - could I add it?

Datical, the company that I work for is adding more resources to support Liquibase. One of the things that we would like to do is improve the dbDoc command, so your addition would be very welcomed. 

The dbDoc stuff was designed quite a long time ago and hasn’t been an area where people have asked for very many fixes/changes/additions. I am not super-familar with that part of the code, so I’m not sure of the best way to extend it. A quick look and it seems like you might be able to add a new method to DBDocVisitor named ‘writeAsciiDoc’ or similar, and then in the Liquibase class, in the generateDocumentation method, have it call that method instead of the writeHTML method. 

What would be even better would be to spend some more time in those classes and come up with an interface and make it a pluggable extensible thing. I’ll check with Nathan and see what his thoughts are. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer

Liquibase Community Engagement
Datical, Inc. http://www.datical.com/


in a process to get ci output and docs fit together, i would like to have liquibase dbdoc output in asciidoc markup format.

At the moment only a html writer for dbdoc exists.

I am considering looking into this and adding an alternative asciidoc output writer to liquibase - if it is not to complicated.

My questions:

  • would it be "in line" with the project, would this kind of contribution be welcomed/get a chance as a PR to be included?
  • what would be a good way to add this feature (on first look this cannot be added as an extensions)?