DecimalType with autoIncrement=true non longer accepted with version 3


We used to use such column definition with liquibase 2.0.5 :


But now, trying to migrate to liquibase 3.0.6, we get an exception with such a definition :
  1. Exception in thread “Thread-18” java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown property autoIncrement for liquibase.datatype.core.DecimalType decimal
  2.     at liquibase.datatype.DataTypeFactory.fromDescription(
  3.     at liquibase.change.core.CreateTableChange.generateStatements(
  4.     …

What would be the right way to define an autoincremented DECIMAL column for MS SQL SERVER ? How do I know which types accept such an attribute ?
It would be great if we could get this feature back (because it worked very well with version 2)

Thanks by advance

Laurent R

I did not expect such a quick fix. Nice work


I just released 3.0.7 which includes this fix in it. You get to hear about it before the official announcement even :slight_smile: