Liquibase 2.0: java.sql.Types.DOUBLE problems on MSSQL 2008

I’m trying to run the following liquibase command on MSSQL 2008 and liquibase is generating SQL that the server doesn’t like.  I’ve also included the generated SQL below.  In Liquibase 1.9.1 the datatype generated for the value column was FLOAT, rather than DOUBLE.  Is there any workaround for this?  Also, am I using the tool incorrectly or is this a bug?

    CREATE TABLE [dbo].Name] (    [id] CHAR(32) NOT NULL,    [value] DOUBLE NOT NULL,    CONSTRAINT [PK_TABLENAME] PRIMARY KEY ([id]) )

If I override getDoubleType() in as follows, everything seems to work swimmingly.  What is the procedure for getting this tested and patched into the mainline?

    @Override public DoubleType getDoubleType() { return new DoubleType("FLOAT"); }

You can just post the code like you did.  I added it to trunk. 

Otherwise, everyone with a account has commit access to SVN.  I’m trying to use it as a pseduo-github type setup for easier contributing so allow commits but review and will modify or comment on any changes committed directly.  I leave it up to the contributer to decide how extensive or risky their change is and what the best route to contribute code is.