Default value for precondition failures and errors

The process of precondition can be controlled through the onFail and onError attributes. In documentation we have default value for onErorr/onFail attributes (HALT). How can I redefine this value. For example if I want default values onFail CONTINUE, onErorr HALT.

It doesn’t look like you can change the default, but it’s easy to define the onFail/onError attribute values in the changeset. Examples can be found here:

I’m definitely need to change the default value and I’m looking for a way to do this.

Hi @ReDiS ,

I am afraid we don’t have any option/way to redefine the default values for these attributes. I think you will have to manually go and define those attributes with values you want on each expected changeset. Just the way @daryldoak has suggested.

Rakhi Agrawal

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