Deleting rows referenced by dropped table

I’m pretty new to Liquibase, and I have a quick question.

I’d like to drop a table A that references rows in another table B. Table B won’t be dropped, but before dropping A, I’d like to delete those rows from B.

I should mention that foreign keys do exist, but for some reason they’ve all been set to “NO ACTION” ever since the initial schema dump. (I used Liquibase to create the initial changeSet based on the existing database; could this have missed the foreign key constraint actions?) I don’t want to cascade the delete to all constraints in the table, just the relationship between A and B (as opposed to A and C, for example).

How could I go about doing this? I’m using the latest release candidate.

We should be setting the no action flag if that is what the database is saying your fk type was originally.  Are you using mysql with myisam table types?

To delete the rows from b before dropping a, you will need to make a delete changeset that specifies the rows you want deleted.  We don’t delete anything automatically, it can be too dangerous.