Deploy all sql files for the folder

We are on Sql Server. Our deployment folder structure is as follows

  1. Ticket-01
    01 a.sql
    02 b.sql
  2. Ticket-02
    03 c.sql
    04 d.sql

Here Ticket-01 and Ticket-02 are the folders and 01 a.sql, 02 b,sql, 03 c.sql and 04 d.sql files

we are create a changeset as follows

<sqlFile path=/Ticket-01/01 a.sql" />
<sqlFile path=/Ticket-01/02 b.sql" />

Is there any way that instead of define all file individually we can deploy all the sql file from that folder. Something like below

I tried it but it give s error
cvc-elt 1 cannot find the declaration of element ‘databaseChangeLog’

Can anyone please help on this?

We deploy our change sets from a folder, too.

Set your changelog up like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <includeAll path="schema/"/>