Deploying DB2 Scripts on z/OS

Hello, I’m new to liquibase and I have little experience on z/OS system features( My experience is mainly as develepor on z/OS working in Cobol, DB2, JCL, etc) Recently I was integrated in a CD/CI team where we are trying to automate delivery of DB2 scripts ( DDL’s ) on z/OS using Liquibase. My understanding is that is necessary to install Liquibase on z/OS USS and some how connect to z/OS DB2. In my company we are using IBM’s Rational Team Concert to manage source deliverys and we also have to code something here to delivery the DDL’s and pass them to Liquibase. If anyone as worked with this type of solution please could give some guidelines on how to install Liquibase ( open source version ) on z/OS USS and what is necessary to connect do DB2 on z/OS and execute the DB2 Scripts ? Thanks

Here is the documentation on installing and configuring DB2 on z/OS and on deploying SQL scripts for DB2 on z/OS.

Please share feedback (feedback button or pull request) on the above documentation pages if you find anything else we need to add to the documentation. Thanks!