Detecting references changes in FK's with diff


We are using postgres and integrating Liquibase 3.0.2 in our proyect and have realized diff command is not working properly with a not very common situation.

In production database we have one FK referencing a table “t_client_config”.

In development database we have run those alter table statements dropping the FK but creating a new one referencing a table “t_client”.

When we launch the diff command, changelog_dif.xml is not detecting this situation.

SQL commands executed:

ALTER TABLE public.t_aaa_bo_usuario DROP CONSTRAINT fk_cliente_bo_usuario;

ALTER TABLE public.t_aaa_bo_usuario ADD CONSTRAINT fk_cliente_bo_usuario FOREIGN KEY (id_cliente) REFERENCES public.t_cliente (id) ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE CASCADE;

I found the issue and it should be fixed in 3.0.3. is the ticket for it.

Thanks for the report