Diff or generateChangeLog giving no results


I use Liquibase with MSSQL Server 2008 and Windows Authentication and I’m having some troubles using it with databases of which I’m not an owner. When I was testing it on my local databases all seemed to be OK - diffs and other operations were performed correctly.

Now I have to switch to remote server/databases and Liquibase diff/generateChangeLog gives no results, for example:

Example1 (generateChangeLog):

INFO 09.10.12 07:38:liquibase: No changes found, nothing to do

Liquibase ‘generateChangeLog’ Successful

Example2 (diff):

Product Name: EQUAL

Product Version: EQUAL

Missing Tables: NONE

Unexpected Tables: NONE

Missing Views: NONE

Unexpected Views: NONE

Changed Views: NONE

Missing Columns: NONE

Unexpected Columns: NONE

Changed Columns: NONE

Missing Foreign Keys: NONE

Unexpected Foreign Keys: NONE

Missing Primary Keys: NONE

Unexpected Primary Keys: NONE

Unexpected Unique Constraints: NONE

Missing Unique Constraints: NONE

Missing Indexes: NONE

Unexpected Indexes: NONE

Missing Sequences: NONE

Unexpected Sequences: NONE

Liquibase ‘diff’ Successful

It seems that Liquibase can’t see the structure of database(s). I suppose I’m having issue with permissions on those remote databases but can’t find any info on what exactly is needed. Please explain what roles, permissions are needed.

My properties:









I have to add that I don’t have AND I WILL NOT HAVE privileges to SELECT on the tables I need to get diffs from.