generateChangeLog and grants

I have an exisiting database schema that I want to generate liquibase changelog for. I then run liquibase --changeLogFile=afile.xml generateChangeLog (I have provided url and so forth in

I get a file generated but I cannot find anything that tells me something of that the database that I ran the command on contains grants on a lot of the tables there.

Have I missed something? I am using liquibase 1.9.5 and Oracle 10.

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Is the afile.xml empty? Or is it just missing some information?

The diff tool isn’t smart enough to look for grants, but it should include all the tables.  Do you need to specify the schema in your properties?


Hi Nathan,

No the file contains a complete listing of tables and so forth. But it wasn’t diff-tool i used. I used generateChangeLog but maybe that was what you meant.

I want to have the grant statements in my changelog. I will have to add such changesets manually maybe.

I have another schema that has synonyms to the tables in the schema mentioned above (the grant issue). The generateChangeLog does not output the synonyms for me. Is there an issue here?

Best regards /Lasse

By “diff” tool, I could mean generateChangeLog too.  It’s the same code, it just diffs an empty database for generateChangeLog.

Yes, if you are wanting grants, you’ll have to add them manually, same with synonyms.  The diff support in liquibase can (currently) handle many standard objects (tables, sequences, indexes, foreign keys, views, stored procedures) but not less common types like grants and synonyms, or more advanced options on supported types like clustered vs unclustered primary keys.



Thanks for your quick reply!

Best regards Lasse