diff problems


I have a few problems with the diff-tasks of liquibase 3.0.2:

1. I use DiffDatabaseTask in my build.xml and it returns the same output as DiffDatabaseToChangeLogTask.
2. Even though the target database is still empty, the tables are created without a schema after executing the DiffDatabaseToChangeLog-file. In version 2.0.5 this was reason enough to terminate the update-task.
3. The output of DiffDatabaseToChangeLogTask is not very helpful. After a successful run I get the message:
"INFO 24.07.13 15:36:liquibase: Unknown default value: value ‘NULL’ type INTEGER (4), assuming it is a function"
Since I do not know which default value in what table/column/line of script or how liquibase “assumes a function”, I can not determine how to fix it or if it even needs fixing. Also there was no message in version 2.0.5, which is a bit confusing.

I have been using liquibase for some time now and just updated the liquibase.jar.

Hopefully these problems will soon be fixed or at least commented on. For the time being I am returning to version 2.0.5.

Thank you

@2.: even with a similar schema in the target database, the tables are still created without it. Looks like the DiffDatabaseToChangeLogTask completely ignores schemas.