PostgreSQL - diff & defaultvalue - liquibase 3.0.0


I’ve just started using liquibase and I think it’s great. As I have just started, I decided to go for the latest version.

We’re using liquibase 3.0.0 and postgresql 9.1

We’re facing 2 issues:

  1. Autonumeric columns: INFO 7/1/13 4:11 PM:liquibase: Unknown default value: value ‘nextval(‘t_customer_seq’::regclass)’ type serial (4), assuming it is a function

  2. When running a diffChangeLog command, if the’re a table with more than one index in the references DB, the script only creates 1 index. Example: t_customers. In the original DB there are no indexes. In the reference DB there are 3: id, document and sex (for example). Running the diffChangeLog will only add in the changelog file 1 of them.

Is there a solution for this? The first one is just annoying, not a real problem. But the second is more serious.

Thanks in advance!


#1 is just an informational message. In your case (and most) it’s fine, but it’s logged so you can be sure. I’ll work on cleaning that up.

It looks like there were a couple issues with diffChangeLog and indexes, I cleaned them up in 3.0.2 including handling multiple indexes per table.


Thanks for your answer Nathan, I’ll try that out!