Diff shows difference interger to int

I have two databases i generate init changelog from one and applied to second.
for example one set among other

   <changeSet author="larix (generated)" id="1615578133673-1">
    <createTable tableName="table">
        <column autoIncrement="true" name="id" type="INTEGER">
            <constraints nullable="false"/>

So when i make diif on two these db is shows me diff

 <changeSet author="larix (generated)" id="1615981531924-1">
    <modifyDataType columnName="id" newDataType="int" tableName="table"/>

but there was no changes.

Hi @rolton ,

Would you please include:

  • Exact liquibase command you are using
  • your liquibase.properties file contents (if you using, also redact any passwords)

I do see the difference of INTEGER vs int but don’t have enough data to advise if it is a config error or a bug.



First I do on existing db:

liquibase --changeLogFile=dbchangelog.xml generateChangeLog

Then with generated log i do update on second db which is empty

liquibase update

After that i do with url to second db and referenceUrl to existing(original) db
and it shows me datatype changes but only on id column

liquibase diffChangeLog

Both db is postgres 12.5
In pgadmin 4 id properties shows that datatype is integer.

More information there is difference in origin on field id constrains type none and default value is set to sequence when on new db constrains type identity and default value is empty

I don’t see anywhere that you change the URL, so these 2 commands would be targetting the same db no?

There is liquibase.properties file “behind” with ulr and other settings.

@rolton ,

Ah, thanks for the reply. Would you please:

  • Send the exact Liquibase commands used (that shows all arguments used)
  • Complete output of the above commands (set logLevel=debug please, you can add this to your liquibase.properties file)
  • If the command line doesn’t show it, please list the properties file that shows the liquibase update using the changelog that you created in the generateChangeLog command. Is the changelog file populated with changesets?