diffChangeLog for Snowflake only returning tables and ignoring Views and StoredProcs

Hi, running a diffChangeLog command against my snowflake databases.
Have a Dev and Test database both with same set of schemas in them.
The Dev schemas contain changes to tables, views and Procs but when running the diffChangeLog command
liquibase --changelogFile=DDL.snowflake.sql diffChangeLog

The output file only shows the DDL for table changes - it’s ignoring Views and Stored Procedures.
Surely it should show all? Is this a bug?

Using Liquibase version 4.4.2 (Community).

Hi @muneer77

Were you facing the same issue with earlier versions of Liquibase? Could you please check and confirm?

Rakhi Agrawal

No - 4.4.2 is the only version I’ve ever downloaded and used. Deploying ChangeLogs works fine - only the diffChangeLog is an issue - as stated, it only looks at the tables and ignores Views and Procs