Snowflake Generate Changelog

Now i see snowflake is under liquibase supported db list, Does liquibase now support databasechangelog file creation for snowflake ?

I get following error when try to run log generation command : Unexpected error running Liquibase: liquibase.snapshot.InvalidExampleException: Found multiple catalog/schemas matching.

of course i’m using schema,db name in url abd as well liquibaseschemaname : schema also in properties.

Please realize me why i get this error.

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I have the exact same problem with 4.1.0 :frowning:

The only time i managed to go a bit further was when i tested with schema name that doesn’t exists in any other database. Which isn’t really a solution.

But they I got the following error: don’t know how to query for sequences on …

In your

define includeSchema true and includeCatalog. true and define default catalog and default schema
Ex i created a DEMO_DB and 2 catalogs:
Because you can have multiple catalog “DEMO_DB”.“PUBLIC”.“TABLE1”
schema: DEMO_DB:
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Found the same issue in this yet to be supported?