diffChangeLog generated bad bad changeset: ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis.Is this a bug?

I ran into a lot of Oracle errors when doing update using the Cait

What is LB 3.1 released? Do you have a release schedule?

The problem may be the “LONG(0)” type. I would guess it is supposed to be “LONG RAW”. You’ll have to just edit the XML to be right and then run it. 

The diff/snapshot functionality is secondary functionality in Liquibase, so you normally want to think of the generateChangeLog XML as a starting point that you should look through and make changes if needed in case there is anything it misses or gets wrong. It generally does a good job, but sometimes falls on less common data types and other database-specific features.


I haven’t gotten a chance to build up a known list yet. Improving data type support is a major push of liquibase 3.1, so it will hopefully work a lot better by that point.

If you have more information on the errors you listed, feel free to log them at liquibase.jira.com. That works best for tracking fixes for them.


I used diffChangeLog to generate the XML in order to upgrade the base DB. However, update doesn’t like the changeset in the 



No release date yet. My two focuses right no are improving my test configuration management and a 3.0.8 release by the end of the month. I’m planning on moving to 3.1 then, possibly with a end of the year timeframe.