Different schema database in oracle

Hi all friends. I am using liquibase 2.0.
I work with a database oracle (as reference db) which has an ‘intranet’ schema name.
I want to perform a diffChangeLog with oracle production database which has a different schema name: ‘medical’.

When I perform the diffChangeLog I find this statement in xml file generated by liquibase:





         deferrable=“false” initiallyDeferred=“false”

        onDelete=“RESTRICT” referencedColumnNames=“ID_REF”



        referencesUniqueColumn=“false” />

The schema INTRANET doesn’t exist on production db (ony ‘medical’ exists) so the script returns some errors when
I execute it.
Is it possible use any option to change prodution db schema name?

Thx a lot 4 your help.


You should be able to modify the generated changelog to not include the *SchemaName attributes.  Then it will use the default schema which will normally be correct in your database based on your user, or can be modified with the defaultSchemaName parameter.