Disable the locking feature or remove the lock during the start up

I the system I have 5 modules which are running on 5 JVM. All of these modules used liquibase to get the details of the DB tables(eg: To get table names and their column names).

Due to some reasons, we can see the DB lock available in the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table. Because of that, some other modules will not start.

1. Is there anyway to disable the locking mechanism
2. Or is there any way to remove the lock in case of lock = true when the application starts
3. Since I will be using liquibase as Read-Only manner. Is there any way to set it

Thanks in advanced

I am also interested in a database read-only configuration of Liquibase.  In my use case, I would expect Liquibase to validate the schema and change sets, just like a normal startup.  But I would like Liquibase to report errors and halt if change sets have not been executed (from a previous read/write startup, or other instance in same cluster).