Distribute liquibase from p2/eclipse update site for Eclipse EMF Teneo/CDO solution


I am project lead of the EMF Teneo and committer on the EMF CDO projects hosted at eclipse.org:


Teneo is a tool to automatically map models to a relational database. We automatically generate the hbm from the model. We are interested in liquibase for schema updates. 

So my idea is to make liquibase available on a p2/eclipse update site used by eclipse projects. There is an update site which hosts Teneo dependencies:


This makes it easier for Teneo users to download dependencies, also the builds we do make use of that site.

I think the apache license makes it possible to host a version of liquibase separately on our update site.

If we succeed in integrating with liquibase then I will add a page on our wiki pointing to your website and with the right credits ofcourse (and do a blog post on it). 

Let me know if you have any remarks or comments about this. This post is also to check with you beforehand.

Thanks (for a great application)!

gr. Martin