Does 1.9.5 support set identity insert on in MS SQL?

I noticed that Liquibase 2.0 RC1 has extensions, out of which 1 allows you to set identity insert on for data inserts. This is a fundamental piece of functionality that we require to integrate Liquibase into our system. Does Liquibase 1.9.5 support this under MS SQL? The supported database section says no reported issues but I wanted to check before we sped ahead with integration.

If 2.0 is the best way for this, is there a maven repo with 2.0 RC1?

1.9 does not support this directly under mssql.  If you are wanting to use 1.9, you can use the tag to make calls to set identity insert, but it will have to be manual.  2.0 with the extensions is the best way to go.

I haven’t gotten 2.0 set up in the maven repository yet.  That is part of what is planned for the final RC2.  Ironically, we switched to maven for building liquibase as part of 2.0, but I’m haven’t figured out how to best deploy new snapshots with it…