Does liquibase gradle plugin support the java 17?

Hi there

I’m not sure that I’m writing in the right thread, but…

Could you tell me please is liquibase-gradle-plugin supports java version 17? And if not, is it worth waiting for?


Welcome to the Liquibase Community, @Maxim !

The Gradle plugin looks like it was last updated in December of last year (2021) and Java 17 reached general availability in mid-September of 2021 as well, so it’s definitely possible that the folks who created the Gradle plugin added support for Java 17 in that update. I can’t find any specific documentation that gives a definitive answer, but you can try it with 17, and if it doesn’t work, you can roll back and use the old Java 11. Here are some references. Forgive me if you’ve already seen these:

  1. GitHub - liquibase/liquibase-gradle-plugin: A Gradle plugin for Liquibase
  2. Java version history - Wikipedia
  3. Getting Started with Liquibase and Gradle | Liquibase Docs
  4. Gradle - Plugin: org.liquibase.gradle