Does Liquibse gives any support to ERWin data model tool?

We want to compare xml generated from ERwin model with the Liquibase generated XML(from database).
Does liquibase supports ERWin data model tool either using API or by some other means?

There is no support currently, although with 2.0 you can may be able to create an extension ( to do it. We created the hibernate extension by making a custom Database and DatabaseSnapshotGenerator class which knew how to read hibernate mapping files and expose them as a datastructure that liquibase knew how to deal with. 

We could then compare the hibernate “database” to an existing database and see the differences between them.

You could do something similar with a class that can read an ERWin data model. We don’t have a Database implementation that exposes a liquibase changelog xml file, but you could diff your ERWinDatabase class with a real database that has been updated by liquibase.