Does LoadUpdateData supported for mysql?

According to the document, mysql has no support. Does it means it doesn’t work or it was just never been tested?

It doesn’t work at all.  It is a refactoring that was recently contributed, and I am working with the author to figure out how much we can expand it beyond Oracle and MSSQL that is currently supported in the code to more databases, or if we should move it to an extension.  It generates if statement sql which I’m not sure if mysql even supports.


for MySQL, we can generate insert … on duplicate key update. I will create my own ext and see if it works.

looks like mysql have the same syntax.

Great.  You could actually look at the code in trunk rather than have it as an extension.  If we can get the change to support Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL I would be fine having it in the core.  We can add more as time goes on if the database supports it.  It is definitely a feature people ask for often.



I’ve just commit to trunk of CORE the class which use INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE syntax to support loadUpdateData for MySQL.

I’ve tested it and works well. Please, report any issue.

Thanks for the commit.  It looks good.